[G9] Modern Art!

Modern Art

We were recently introduced to a new unit “Modern Art“. Before proceeding to the actual artwork, we need to conduct research for the 10 modern art forms:


  • Abstract
  • Impressionism
  • Cubism
  • Pointillism
  • Dada
  • Pop Art
  • Expressionism
  • Primitivism
  • Fauvism
  • Realism

A brief look of my modern art research

Learning about the different forms of art, their techniques, unique points and styles are very interesting. In the past I only know about a few modern art forms, such as abstract and realism. I also know some modern art forms but never actually know the name of it, such as pointilism. From learning more about modern art forms makes me gain knowledge, and also allows me to tell between two or even more artworks, whether their style is this or that. For my modern art research, although I didn’t get a proper grade for it, I think I still did a pretty good job. I properly cited and included examples for each art style. I also write a paragraph explaining the style and also explain the elements of art that is incorporated in the style. Other than that, I also listed at least 3 famous artists of that style and also include the artist’s nationality and birth-death date.


For this unit in order to create my artwork I firstly sat down and thought about what art style I wanted to do. My very very first idea was to do Abstract, however I think it is still not challenging for me as I did this a few times before in PYP, so I decide to go with Realism. I wanted to do realism at first compared to other modern art styles because of the colors and tones that is used in the style. I think to paint realistically is very hard, because you would need to mix a lot of colors to create something as small as a pupil. I wanted to try something new this time and try to paint realistically. The first thing that came to mind when I think about realism is roses. I think a rose is a classic, but also can be very challenging. After that I drew a white flower and came up with my very first design, a butterfly on a white flower.


Design #1 – a butterfly on a white flower (style: realism)

After showing this design to Mr. Pat, it turns out that realism is not a very good style to choose for the unit. Realism is supposed to be things that is in motion or is doing an action. I then went to change my design once again.

Design #2 – teletubbies (style: pop art)

And eventually I’ve decided to do Pop Art. I decided to do my Pop Art in four boxes on a portrait canvas. I decided to do my Pop Art with the four teletubbies Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po. I was not inspired by any artist or paintings, I think I can say I was inspired by myself, as I wanted to create an artwork that includes a famous cartoon character.

Tinky-Winky (Purple), Dipsy (Green), La-La (Yellow) and Po (Red)

I, however, didn’t follow the original colors for the teletubbies because I find that quite dull. I wanted the colors to contrast each other and create the “pop” effect that Pop Art have. I also didn’t want to follow the original colors because I wanted to show something new. My plan for colors:

A brief plan of the colors of my design.


To create my final product I started with painting the background first according to my color plan located above. I didn’t have to be as focused on what I am painting as the space of the background is quite large. After completing the background I started painting the body of the teletubbies, this time using a different brush, a slightly smaller one.

Then eventually I painted the face. For the face I didn’t want to go with a bizarre color, so I went with a warm/neutral color of cream/skin tone color. During this process I’ve noticed that drawing the artwork with very thin pencil lines is a superb thing to do, because this cream color doesn’t always cover pencil lines, you wouldn’t have to come back and erase the lines, thus, wasting more time.

After completing the body and the background of my artwork, before painting the eyes and mouth, I asked for feedback from my neighbors, Khing and Ice. They both suggested that instead of painting the eyes and mouth in the same color as the background, I should use the same color as the body, but in a different tone. Once I’m done, I mounted my artwork on white and black cardboard paper, both 1 centimeters thick.


Overall, I think I did well in painting the colors smoothly. To paint the corners of each box of my painting, Mai told me a tape technique where we stick tape on a corner and paint on top of it in order to create a smooth line.

I, however, didn’t do that because the tape later ripped parts of my painting paper, so I did it free-hand. I think I did very well on that, because I was able to create a straight line.

Some challenges I face is to draw the body of the teletubbies exactly the same in each box. The drawing process is probably the most time-consuming step of this artwork. I used to look down to people who decided to do Pop Art, because at first glance it seems like a very easy style to do. You just draw what you want to paint, and fill the spaces with color. But after actually doing it myself, I find that the process is more difficult than what I think.

During the process of creating my artwork, I barely had to mix any colors and tones, which is very different from realism. I’ve also noticed that when we paint, we should dip our paintbrush in a appropriate amount, not too much or not too little. If we pick up little paint with our paintbrush, when we actually paint, it causes the color to be very thin and the texture is very rough. If we put too much paint at one time, it can cause a very bumpy texture that looks very messy. These two results are what I don’t want in my artwork, because I want my artwork’s textures to remain flat.

* * * * *

Comparing my artwork to Mai‘s artwork you can see that we share the same solid colors; green, and red (and eventually orange, yellow, but not shown on picture). We can see that her painting is representing a famous game character, Angry Birds. This is similar to me as I’m doing a famous TV cartoon back in 1997-2001. You can also clearly see that she drew borders in black for the different parts in her painting. I decided not to do that since the original teletubbies does not have black lines, I assume that Mai did that, firstly because the character itself is drawn that way and maybe because she wanted her characters to stand out. Next time, I would like to challenge myself into using even more wider ranges of painting techniques than this one, perhaps water colors!


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