[G9] Font Design

Font Design


Our first unit in our Grade 9 Academic year in KIS is ‘Font Design’. We were assigned to create our own name tag using your font you created. In this project I included different art elements; Pattern, Line, Texture, Colour & Tone, Shape & Form. Fonts is used to express many various things, it can be used to represent yourself, as well as showing your creativity. Fonts can also be used to decorate works and things, to make it more attractive. The restrictions within your design pretty much depends on what you want to make for yourself. We can create our character with lots of thick and thin areas.


To begin with my project, I had to create the matrix chart and filled it up. After that I chose 5 of the elements and include them in my draft. I then later create plans and draft of my designs. I liked and was inspired by the sunset, which caused me to start with my first idea, a village with a sunset in the background:

I also, however, was inspired by the zoo animals so I also created another design of zoo animals, which later became my final design:

My second design was chosen because it perfectly includes all my 5 elements from the matrix: the sunset, zoo animals, tribal patterns, ice-cream and trees. I love watching the sunset, I love how the color appears in a gradient of shades, it always gives me a calm feeling. The sunset also inspires me to take photographs. I also included zoo animals, which is the monkey and the giraffe. I specifically chose giraffes because I find giraffes a very cute creature, and they have very long eyelashes. The giraffe also represents that I want to be taller.

I also chose the tree and the tribal patterns because I like how the tree branches and both the tribal patterns can be very vintage and old-style looking at times. The fifth element I included in my artwork is an ice-cream, which represents that I can be cold sometimes and can also be fun to be around. It represents that there are two sides of me, like how an ice-cream can give you brain freeze but can give you joy from eating it.


To apply those 5 elements in my artwork, I drew trees on the sides of my painting. In addition to that, I also added a hanging monkey which is holding ice-cream. I will also include the sunset as the background and the tribal prints on a Aborigine person.

To decide on my final design, I asked for feedback from my peers:

“I like your second design, because it includes animals which is one of your elements. I also like the second design more because it looks more creative.” – Joe

“I find your first design actually very colorful and creative, but your second design is better because it has more textures.” – Phing

From this planning stage I learned that having many ideas and asking for feedback for my final design is definitely a benefit for ourselves, because you can always develop your ideas and change it so that it suits the specifications of the project.

I actually really like my first design, but it didn’t include all my 5 elements. But if I were to give a grade for my second (and final) design, I would give myself a 7-8-7-7,  because I think I applied my artwork in a creative way, and I also show my understanding of font design by using the 5 elements in my art.



  • Art paper
  • Pencil and erasers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint tray
  • Art workbook
  • Wooden stick

Step 1)

The first step is creating your draft using the 5 elements from the Matrix.
List around 20 words that describe yourself. Choose 5 of the best words from the list.
Draw a 6×5 table on another piece of paper. List the 5 elements on the top row of the table. Write the 5 words you’ve chosen earlier on the right column. Fill in each box by applying the art elements into your artwork.

Like so:

Step 2)

Create your artwork draft. Your draft should have the 5 elements from the Matrix you’ve created earlier. Approve your draft with Mr. Pat.

Make any changes and draw another final draft. Approve with Mr. Pat again in order to start painting.

I decided to change from the elephant in my draft to an Aborigine person because I find it is easier to add the ‘tribal print’ element into my art. However Mr. Pat thinks it looks better if I put that element in my letters instead.

Then, once approved to paint, gather your materials and set up your artwork space.
Get you artwork paper and draw your final artwork .Don’t forget to include your artwork border. The size of the border depends on the size of your artwork.

Draw your final artwork on the artwork paper.

Start painting according to your plan.

One of my elements I’ve written in my matrix chart is ‘tribal patterns’.

I decided to apply this element onto the characters of my font. I was inspired by this photo of a aboriginal print:

After you’re done, cut out the border of your artwork and mount it on a piece of colored cardboard paper. Your border should be around 1-2 centimeters. Done!

I decided to use mainly colorful colors to represent how much I enjoyed all the 5 elements. I didn’t use any dark colors into my work, as it will completely change my theme of my painting. I also think that if I paint my animals in a dark color, it would make my painting look sad and depressive, which is not me.


Throughout this project I definitely learned more that being and staying organized is a very good skill, as it will help make our artwork complete and presented with good abilities.  In this project I also challenged myself to try blend colors together. What I find challenging in this project is definitely painting the monkey’s body and face. It is very hard as the monkey have very fluffy fur, and the face also should look very cartoon-like. What I also find hard is to create my sunset background, blending the three colors: orange, red and yellow which is warm colors, was quite a challenge for me.

I was inspired to create my background into a blend of three colors  to represent my sunset element from Sorn’s artwork:

Comparing my work to her, I think I did pretty well in blending the colors, as I used my water color technique I used back in Grade 7 in my scale reproduction project.

My other inspiration is from a painter/blogger named Mark Schwartz, whom is a a painter in New York. His artwork uses a lot of water colors which inspired me to use the wet on wet technique.

During this project I also learned a new technique, which is adding two colors on the paintbrush, each color on separate sides. However, the paint brush you use have to be a flat, mop, or filbert paintbrush, using a round or rigger paintbrush wouldn’t be as suitable. With this technique, when we paint, it causes the results to be a beautiful gradient. This technique really saves my time.


Overall I am very happy with my final artwork. I think I was very successful in my planning stage, as I finish earlier than everyone in my table, and probably my class. I also finished my final drawing on my final art paper before a lot or people. I was also happy of my results because I did not use a marker to draw the details and faces of the giraffe or monkey at all, I used only a paintbrush with black paint.


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