[G8] Scale Reproduction

Scale Reproduction


Scale Reproduction is how we take a photo, and change its scale to whatever size we want, forming a image.  In this unit, we were required to do a painting using scale reproduction skills and paint a painting about focusing on a World issue. Ie personally chose to do about fast food. People are starting to eat fast food more than healthy food. In my painting I’m trying to raise awareness of how people should start eating healthy food, despite the fact that it might taste bad.


We were later given a assignment to think of a design for our painting. First my plan was to separate my artwork into half, one side I will draw healthy food, while the other side I will draw unhealthy food such as fast foods. But while I was going to draw my actual work, I thought of an idea to just draw a large burger in the middle of the paper and have the unhealthy food small on the side. I think this idea is better than the first one because it looks more attractive to the audience.


Here is a sketch of my painting:

Above is a picture of my sketch. I tried to draw my picture of the burger as close and accurate as the sample picture as possible. I think I did pretty well in this.



  • Painting paper
  • A future board
  • Scotch-tape/tape
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Container
  • Acrylic Paint, or paint of your own choice (in this project I used red, orange, yellow, green, black, and white)
  • Ruler (to draw lines)


1. Get a piece of painting paper and stick the edges of the paper onto the future board for a strong painting background using scotch tape.

2. Print out the photos you will include in your painting. Draw a 1cm x 1cm grid over the image. You should have something like this:

★ Don’t forget to label the sides with numbers and alphabets.

3. Decide on your scale. After that draw the grid according to the scale you chose onto the large painting paper. Don’t forget to also label the sides with numbers and alphabets.

4. Draw the image into each grid. Don’t forget that you can use the image sample for a reference of what to draw in each small box.

5. Once you have finished drawing all your photos, you can erase your pencil lines and start painting!


Things I learned+Things I find difficult –

I’ve learned many things in this unit. I got a chance to start practicing mixing colors, use grids to help in painting and also learn how to shade colors. I learnt that mixing the color brown is actually pretty hard. I spent quite a long time trying to mix brown, however I feel pretty good with the results I got. I also learned how to use scale reproduction and using grids to help draw in paintings. I find using grids really helpful and convinient because you know what to draw exactly into each box, so the painting you draw in the end is going to be very accurate as the sample. Shading colors is also quite hard for me. I learned that it is best to do shading when the painting is damp. If the part of the painting you are going to make shades are all dry, it can cause a crispy texture which looks bad.

Things I did well/Things I still need to improve on –

I think I did pretty well in painting the lettuce and the tomatoes for the burger.  My friends said that my tomatoes and lettuce looks 3D. I took quite a long time to do the shading for the tomato and the lettuce and is happy with the results I got. However, I think I can still improve on painting the bun of the burger. I think the bun can still blend more. If I had more time I would like to re-do that.

Comparing my work to other people –

I think I did pretty well compared to my friends. Some of my friends artwork wasn’t neat at all. Some people’s artwork didn’t even have any tones/shades, it was just pure color. I also think I did better on hiding the pencil lines compared to my neighbor, because I saw on one of my friends artwork, her artwork can clearly see the pencil line.


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