[G7] One-point perspective

One-point Perspective

One-point perspective meant the vanishing point of an image/painting. Usually it is used when drawing roads, buildings, and sois. It makes the picture look more realistic. There are many more types of perspective. We also have a two-point perspective, three-point perspective and zero-point perspective. I think that we can see many types of perspective in daily life and that is in all over the place.

Here is an example of a one-point perspective. This might help you understand better :

The third one is a three-point perspective. The first and second one is a one-point perspective.

Picture Credits : kingfishers.ednet.ns.ca

In Art class we have to make an name tag, but it has to have a one-point perspective. But it is similar to the first name tag we did on Grade 6. First I thought of name tag ideas, and pictures I could draw the name tag with. I ran out of ideas and I turned and saw a microwave box so I decided to make my name tag a picture of a microwave. This is the procedure of making my name tag (I decided to create step-by-step pictures because its quite hard to explain) :

Material needed:

  1. Something to draw with
  2. Eraser
  3. Ruler (I recommend 30 cm.)
  4. Arcylic Paint
  5. Paintbrush
  6. Paint Pallete
  7. Water and cup to clean the paintbrush


1) Think of a design. My one is a microwave 😦

2) Decided where the perspective would be. My one is on far right hand side.

3) Draw a one centimeter border (optional). Draw five lines from the other end to the perspective line. (I drew 5 lines because my name requires 5 boxes) So it would look similar to:


Note: in the picture there are only four lines, I appologize for that mistake. In the actual one you won’t draw the lines outside your paper like in the example (but you can if you want)

4) Draw vertical lines on your paper. It would be somehow like..


5) Draw your name.

6) Draw your design. The design should follow the direction of the perspective.

7) Erase the pencil lines

8 ) Start painting.

9) When you are finished painting, leave it to dry and you’re finished with the name tag!

10) Cut the one centimeter border (if you didn’t draw this then just skip this step).

11) Get your art folder

12) Get the sticker from the cubboard. Cut it a bit larger than your name tag.

13) Put the name tag on the sticker then apply the sticker on the folder. Finished !

Picture of my nametag:



Things that were good in my painting is I think the colors I used in my painting? I tried to make it similar to the color of a microwave as possible. But things that were bad is my point perspective. I think my name could be more vanished. Next time I would try to improve on that. Thinking of the design was very hard, because when we think about one-poin perspective I guess we mostly (including me) would think of a ‘triangle’ shape. But really, one-point perspective isn’t a triangle shape. The shape just follow the direction of the perspective. So you shouldn’t think of making designs of a cake, ice-cream, pyramids or something triangle.


Picture Credit: http://trueslant.com/jennaweber/2009/08/05/bouncing-back/

Be reminded that point perspective can be anywhere in the picture. Pictures that are good for your design is: billboards, fence, walls, car, roads, buildings, sois, etc. As I said, I will try to draw my name more vanished because I drew the exact size from my sketch in my book and the paper is not the same size, so there were major differences.


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