[G7] Masks Unit



Masks are believed to first exist in 7000BCE. A mask is used to hide, protect and cover the person’s face. Masks are used as decoration or a costume. However, masks are not only used for stage plays and shows. Masks are also used in sports such as baseball to protect the person’s face and in celebrations such as Fools Meeting in Germany. There are a variety of mask styles, from ones that only cover your face, up to ones that cover your entire head. Masks can also show the different cultures through the designs of the mask. Mask can also be created with different type of materials such as plastic, wool, polyster clay, paper mache and even wood, which creates different types of texture. There are also different methods to apply the mask on your face. Like the example below, the mask has an elastic string where it will tighten on your head. There are also masks that covers your entire head, you only need to wear it.

The picture above is a mask that only covers the eye part of your face.

Planning: After some research, I decided to create a Japanese girl mask during Hiroshima war in 1945. I did some plan and drew a sketch of how my mask would look like:

In this mask I will try to show that she is a calm person, but also living in a violent situation, which is why I chose to use black as the mask color. The goldfish on the corner of the eyes is the symbol of the Osaka castle. The Osaka castle has 8 goldfish which is believed to protect the castle. There is also a Japanese wolf ear/eye shape which also represents Japan. I decided to have a large eye for my mask, because nowadays Japanese people seem to have very large eyes. There are also scars and blood from the war on the mask too.

The reason why I chose to do a mask that only cover parts of the face is because it seems very challenging and unique from other’s maks.

Materials – The materials I needed in order to make my mask is:

    1. Balloon (at least 1 for the amateur)
    2. Latex/water color (for papier-mâché and sticking the gems/rhinestones)
    3. Newspaper (for papier-mâché)
    4. Colored paper (for final layer of papier-mâché)
    5. Brown/white paper (for papier-mâché)
    6. Gems/rhinestones (optional, for decoration)
    7. Acrylic paint (black, gold and red color)
    8. Cutter/scissors (to cut out the eyes and shape of the mask)


Here is the process of creating my mask.

After finishing the papier-mâché:

Painting the mask black:

I didn’t cut out the eyes or add the ears yet.


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