[G6] Stage Set Design

Stage Set Design

My stage set design finally is done. We have to create a stage set design from a novel we read (more details below) we also have to add the quote from the book on the painting. This artwork is very fun to paint. The picture of my painting will be up soon as possible, because I can’t find my art picture in Mr. Pat’s worksheet folder. But here is the other two pictures about stage set design:

Stage 2

Stage Set By Artist Narashimha

This is the steps I used to create the stage set design:

First, we have to create a graphic organizer/brainstorm the scene that is important from any novel we read during Language A English class. For the graphic organizer, I chose to make a mind map. We also include what emotion that scene is going to be and what colors we plan to use.

We also have to do some research, and also decide whether to have or not to have a wing and/or foreground. Because having only the background looks really boring.

After that, we make rough draft of how it would look like in our draft books. I did three drafts and the last one looks the best. When other people saw our painting, they should we able to recognize what novel it is from.

Then its time for create!

The material we need is:

1. A3 paper

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Ruler

5. Paint

6. Paintbrush

7. Cup (to put water)

8. Paint palette

This it the step I used to create my stage set design:

1. Draw the frame over your A3 paper (if you choose to do a wing) If you choose to do a right wing, then draw the frame on the right, a foreground, draw the frame on the bottom.

2. Once we’ve finished with our frame, draw the scene and wings/foreground that we have planned in our draft books.

3. Get the paintbrushes and equipment for painting ready.

4. Start painting!

*Note: We also have to paint at the back where we stick our wings, because the audiences sitting on the sides could see from the other angle behind the wings.

5. When you finish painting both the wing/foreground and the painting, while you wait for it to dry, you can search for the quote that represents that scene.

6. Once you found the quote, either write it or print it in the computer and tell what book it is from, page number/chapter titles and the name of the author.

7. Once the painting had dried and the quote have finished, stick the quote on the painting.

8. Finished!

It’s actually very simple. But when you have to paint an A3 size picture, it takes a long time too because for my painting I also have to mix various colors. I can’t even imagine how long the artist would take to paint a huge picture!

For this painting, I give myself 5 out of 10. One reason is because, I handed it in late, my tones in the painting is not identical as the picture in my draft books, and the painting and tones does not represent the emotion clearly. And that is what I would like to improve on. Next time I will try to be more careful and have the correct resources for mixing colors. I did not have the color purple, red and brown and gold so I have to mix them myself. For the gold color I did not make a “gold” color but I made an orange-yellowish color which seemed to look like gold (I got how to mix those colors from my friend, Naomi). I think the purple color have been mixed well in the painting, it looks identical as the bottle one in our art classroom.

I think my painting was not so good, compared to other students. Some of the other students painting is really detailed and showed the emotions really well. But mine only looked like a plain pinkish tone living room. Next time I will try to use more bright colors.


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