[G6] Inspired by Paul Klee Painting

Paul Klee Painting

Paul Klee is a famous Swiss painter. He is Swiss/German and was born on 18 December 1879 at Münchenbuchsee , Switzerland and died on 29 June 1940. He was famous because he was a teacher at the Bauhaus; Germany’s most advanced art school. My painting is similar of Paul Klee’s because the art that Paul Klee creates is expressionism, cubism, and surrealism.

Paul Klee uses oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastel, etching, and more. Paul Klee’s painting has different types of shapes that were filled with one color to form an picture. The painting that I did also uses the same type of Paul Klee’s painting, cubism.

The first picture is created by Paul Klee himself. The second picture is a picture created by myself. As you can see, the second picture is very similar to the first picture. The third picture is from Rebecca, age 12, which also had the inspiration from Paul Klee.

In my painting, I have 6 pictures. These are the pictures I included in my painting and how it represents me.

Here is the meaning for each picture:

1.Fire— I didn’t drew it to show that I am short tempered (Which I am not), but I am just MEAN. (That’s what my friends say) I drew the Fire a bit strange with a very long flame that has curves (You can see that in the last column). It shows that I sometimes do not give up on anything.

2.Chopsticks— Chopsticks expresses the strange way of me. I eat a LOT!! It also means that eating is one way to express my stress. (Which is not good)

3.Pencil— Talented. People around me (not mentioning who) told me that I have really good skills about editing work, using correct vocabulary and word choices. (Which I don’t think so….) And I think that drawing this picture would show that I am very talented in writing and spilling ideas by writing.

4.Lollipop— Hypnotizing person. In some lollipops, in the middle of it, there is a hypnotizing circle. What I want to show is that I speak really fast, that you can be confused to what I say. ;-(

5.Eraser— Erasers are….erasers. (So you’re thinking ‘so what?’) It means that I forgive people to what ever that happened. (A caring person!)

6.Paint Pallet— I am a creative person. I like to express my feelings by color.

The painting schemes I used is Primary, Secondary, and Complimentary. For the primary, I used Yellow, Red and Blue. For the Secondary, I used Purple, Orange and Green. For the Complimentary, I used Orange and Blue, Red and Green, and Purple and Yellow. I wanted to use Complimentary color to show the confusion and different emotions that feels the opposite. For example: Hot and Cold, Calm and Angry, etc.

The process we used to create my painting is:

1.List pictures we would like to include in the painting in our draftbook.

2.Draw the picture on our draftbooks. The picture that we chose must not havea line.

3.Draw the plan of the painting on the draft book.

4.Make sure that every box has a peice of picture in it.

5.Don’t forget to include lines over the picture.

6.Once you have completed the draft, start drawing the plan in the A3 paper given by Mr. Patrick.

7.Photocopy the paper.

8.Label the colors and the color schemes into the photocopied paper.

9.Check with Mr. Patrick O’ Connor. 10.If Mr. Patrick had confirmed, you can start painting. Follow the colors labeled in the photocopied paper.

Things that were required to complete this painting is:

1.A3 paper

2.Draftbook/Paper for drafting

3.Color cardboard (bigger that the painting)



6.Paint Pallet

7.Water (to clean the paint brush)





12.Cuter Machine

13.Double Sided Tape

The finished product looks kind of good, therefore, the paint turns out to become so mushy that you can see the directions where I was painting. The yellow is the perfect because the paint isn’t too sticky, isn’t too watery. Maybe someone added water inside the paint bottles…so it become so good. Or was it the paint that dried?!?!

In the future, I would like to re-paint the painting again, so people cannot see the directions which I am painting in. Maybe I will test the paint before using it, and maybe try adding water to the bottle, or just mix that color up, so that it is able to cover up the pencil lines and the directions of my painting better. (Like what Mr. Pat. said…) I also want to re-check my draft again because I missed out three boxes, painted 3 times wrong. But luckily, the paint was able to cover my mistake. (Phew…)

Things that were successful were the pencil lines and the draft. I was able to cover most of the pencil lines, except for the Yellows, I did well with the draft because I drew the pencil lines lightly.

Comparing my work to someone (not telling who) that is sitting beside me, I think that my painting is way more colorful and neat. Because that person did a quite-of-okay job on boarding and sticking the painting, also their painting has so much leftover spaces, it looks like that person isn’t really creative.

Sources: “Klee.” Paul Klee (1879 – 1940). 15 Dec. 2008 “Paul Klee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 15 Dec. 2008


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