[G6] Cubist Abstract

Cubist Abstract

In my understanding, Cubist Abstract is a type of abstract that we get the idea from a certain picture and change it into another/similar picture. Cubic Abstract could also be created by separating different pieces of a picture into different directions or place. To create a Cubic Abstract, we have to find 3 main colors or more in the picture. When we make a draft or when we start painting, we could use any tones. But, those tones must be in the 3 main colors.

In my draft, I used warm and cool colors. Green and blue are cool colors and yellow are warm colors. I used a combination of some tones. I did use Analogous colors: blue, green and yellow (depending on the Secondary Colour Wheel) but I did not use Monochrome colors. I changed my design 3 times because I didn’t really understand what Cubist Abstract is, so first I made a realistic picture of the image instead. Next time, I need to understand and research about Cubist Abstract or other assigned work because it will make a huge impact to my work and my Time Management skills. Because I might need to re-do it quite a lot of times.
I saw some of my friends painting, and I thought that they could do even better than me. Someone sitting beside me did very good Time Management skills, but she did not use any tones in her painting. Her color in the painting was very solid. I think I did pretty well on the shapes because I make my shapes very identical to the draft. I think I painted neatly but a little bit TOO neat. (Is that confusing?) I would like to improve my Time Management skills because I paint a little bit too neat and sometimes people that are around me already completed their painting while I am just starting my next color.

Here are the steps I used to complete my Abstract:
1. Receive the photo/image from Mr. Patrick
2. Get your draft books and spill ideas on it!
3. Once you’ve completed your draft, you can start painting.
4. Get all the materials you need (paint brushes, paper, etc.)
5. Start your painting with the lightest color. (In my case it would be yellow)
6. Do not use any pencils! J
7. When you have completed your painting, let it dry on the drying rack.
8. When your painting has dried, board it with a color cardboard paper.
9. Complete!

-Thank you Mr. Patrick for some information-


1. Here is an image that I was given by Mr. Patrick. I found the 3 main colors, Yellow, Green and Light Blue in the image.

2. This is my draft/sketch by oil pastel. I arranged the shapes around, making each shapes in different tones. (Light and Hard) I change the shapes of the flower and the picture a bit, but I didn’t really change the position very much.

3. This is the picture of my friend, Nod, completed Cubic Abstract. He used very good color shades and his positions are really good.


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